As part of your Four Pillars of Wellbeing (4PWB) rollout, we would like to support your school by helping you develop an on-site Wellness Team. 

Your Wellness Team is a group of school community members with coordinating roles and/or a unique interest in the Four Pillars. The Team ensures that all teachers, staffs, and students have a platform for discussing areas of growth and success. Members of the Team will check in with school community members, support wellbeing needs, and connect with the Contentment Foundation’s Implementation Team.

The Wellness Team works best when it has members from different sectors or departments. A balanced team might include:

  • An administrator 
  • 2+ Teacher champions
  • A school counselor
  • An academic advisor
  • A school nurse
  • A staff member

Administrators will be responsible for curating a Wellness Team. A team of about 6-10 members is recommended. If you would like to discuss your school’s unique needs with respect to establishing a Wellness Team, please connect with your Rollout Representative.

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