Please watch the video or read along below to see the step by step instructions for how to read the pie charts in your survey results.

After completing a survey, click on your Overall Personal Favorability Rating to see your Favorability score in the six major Wellbeing categories.

When you click on any of the six Favorability scores, you will see a radial graph (yummy pie chart) with more detailed information about your score. Each of the metrics within that Wellbeing category is color-coded and linked to an article in the Wellbeing Library.

The larger pie slices indicate high levels of wellness in that particular domain of wellbeing. For example, in the sample graph below, the person surveyed is experiencing high levels of Focus & Flow (Acting with Awareness) and Satisfaction with Life. Smaller pie slices indicate areas where we have an opportunity to grow. 

Explore the associated Wellbeing Library articles for details on expanding your wellbeing in each domain. To do so, click on the listed wellbeing metric or corresponding pie slice. 

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