The Four Pillars Administrator is a very important role in your 4PWB Rollout. This person holds the highest viewpoint of the entire rollout process and acts as the main connecting point between your school’s Wellness Team, leadership and the Contentment Foundation. This person is typically selected because they demonstrate the most excitement about the 4PWB. This role also includes serving as the administrator of the online School Platform, which will include some technological knowledge.

If the Four Pillars Administrator is not tech-savvy, your school can consider identifying a second administrator, the Tech Administrator, to support the rollout of the platform and the administration of surveys. If you'd like to add a second Administrator, please refer to the Further Reading section at the bottom of this page, where you can access the article about Adding a Second Four Pillars Administrator.

The role of the Four Pillars Administrator typically includes:

  • Liaising with the Contentment Foundation
  • Communicating progress to your school’s leadership
  • Leading the Wellness Team and ensuring they understand their role
  • Leading any communication to all teachers and staff
  • Ensuring that rollout is unfolding within the recommended timeline
  • Serving as the administrator on the School Platform
  • On-boarding and inviting teachers and staff to the School Platform
  • Setting up Survey Groups
  • Scheduling Surveys

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