We want to make sure that you are supported throughout your entire Four Pillars of Wellbeing (4PWB) Rollout. That's why we've put several systems of support in place to ensure that every question or concern is addressed.

Your Help Center

We're pleased that you've found yourself here in the Help Center. You can find helpful articles on Getting Started, Best Practices, Frequently Asked Questions, and Security, Privacy & Terms. Take some time to browse the Help Center and please remember to let us know if there is an article that could be helpful for us to include.

The Wellbeing Library

There are a wealth of articles on the Wellbeing Library, located in the Curriculum section of the School Platform. Articles range in topics and include Physical Health, Psychological Wellbeing, Community Climate, Inner Climate, Relationship to Experiences, and Educational Efficacy. We highly recommend that all teachers and staff take the opportunity to explore the Wellbeing Library.


You can access the Chat feature anytime by clicking on the small blue circle at the bottom right of the page throughout the School Platform. One of our team members will answer your question within 24 hours. If you can’t see this blue button, you may have an AdBlocker. If so, check out the Help Center article on how to Disable AdBlocking to Access the Live Chat Support Feature.

Your Rollout Representative

As a Four Pillars of Wellbeing School, you will receive personalized support from a Contentment Foundation Rollout Representative as you begin rolling out the 4PWB. Your Rollout Representative will meet with your Four Pillars Administrator and Wellbeing Team regularly for the first month of your rollout. This will ensure that a solid foundation is established for the success of the 4PWB curriculum in your school ecosystem.

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