Your school's Wellness Team is a vital component of a successful Four Pillars of Wellbeing (4PWB) rollout and to a sustainable wellbeing cultural shift. For that reason, it is important for your Wellness Team to understand their role. We have outlined here the Role of a typical Wellness Team. Remember that your Wellness Team will always have the support of a Rollout Representative to guide you in many of these roles.

1.   Be the Champions of the 4PWB

  •  Support teachers and staff through leadership and modeling

2.  Come Together for Regular Meetings

  • Come together to live the practice and work through an agenda, weekly/bi-monthly based on needs and availability of the members

3.   Facilitate Curriculum Implementation

  • Draft the Customized Rollout Plan & Timeline
  • Develop an outline for curriculum dates for the year
  • Create schoolwide timeline of lessons within each pillar detailing which lessons to teach every week to create consistency and a common language throughout the school
  • Conduct teacher and staff trainings on each of the 4PWB prior to teaching
  • Support teachers and staff with any questions regarding lessons and implementation

4.   Analyze Schoolwide Surveys

  • Decide on frequency and plan dates for Schoolwide Surveys
  • Look for patterns in resultsIdentify areas where the school excels (bright spots) and share with teachers and staff in celebrationIdentify areas that need attention (growing points) and brainstorm ways to implement actionable strategies to improve

5.  Support School Ecosystem Wellness

  • Build trust and safety among staff; helping to nurture the sense that “wherever you are with things is okay”
  • Track wellbeing strategies informed by Schoolwide Survey results and support teachers in developing healthy habits
  • Send communication to teachers and staff with wellness tips and activities
  • Host wellbeing activities for teachers and staff on campus (example: yoga)
  • Utilize outside resources and businesses to bring wellness products/activities to teachers and staff

6.   Develop Strategies for Family Inclusion

  • Send communication about concepts, practices and activities being done in the classrooms
  • Plan family nights

7.   Communicate Progress to School Leadership

  • Provide regular updates for leadership about the glows and grows of wellness in your school ecosystem

8.   Liaise Between the School and The Contentment Foundation

  • Share suggestions, insights, and questions with The Contentment Foundation that arise from teachers and staff
  • Share technology issues and challenges that prevent efficient use of the School Platform

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