Once the Four Pillars Administrator has had the opportunity to explore the School Platform a bit, there are a few things to know to prepare for the next phase in Onboarding Your Wellness Team and the rest of the adults in the school community.

Your Four Pillars Administrator must complete three (3) important steps in sequence to get teachers onto the Platform.

We have grouped the Four Pillars Administrator 3-Step Process as a sequence here:

Step 1: Create Groups
The Four Pillars Administrator has the opportunity to group teachers and staff on the Platform. These groups let you visualize schoolwide wellbeing data in smaller clusters. For example, you’ll be able to see how your administrative staff is doing with their wellbeing. Possible groupings might be based on grade, department, or specialty.

Step 2: Invite Members
Your teachers and staff will be invited to the Four Pillars School Platform.

Step 3: Schedule Schoolwide Survey
Your Four Pillars Administrator will schedule the Wellbeing Schoolwide Survey, which will give your entire staff and leadership team the power to assess and monitor their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing at the schoolwide level. The Schoolwide Survey will be the very first thing that teachers and staff do on the School Platform to allow a baseline data of their wellbeing to be captured before they explore any training.

When will the Four Pillars Administrator follow this 3-Step Process?

Your Four Pillars Administrator will move through this 3-Step Process to onboard the Wellness Team first. Your Four Pillars Administrator will repeat this process for all teachers and staff at a later stage in the Rollout. Your Rollout Representative will guide you every step of the way so that you are following the recommended timeline to ensure a sustainable Four Pillars Implementation.

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