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If your organization has opted in to Contentment Families, you will receive an Email Invitation from The Contentment Foundation. This is your invitation to Contentment Families.

Follow these steps to Get Started with your Contentment Families app:

1. Open your Email Invitation from The Contentment Foundation titled “You're Invited to the Families App”. If you can't find this email in your inbox, look in your spam folder. If you still cannot locate it, please inform your organization's Four Pillars administrator.

Note your License Code in your Email Invitation. You'll need in this in Step #6.

2. Download the Contentment Families App using the Apple App Store (iPhone users) or the Google Play Store (Android users) links at the bottom of the email. See the Step above where we point out the App Link.

3. Once the download is complete, open the Contentment Families application and press the Start Button.

4. Enjoy reading through the initial pages to find out what Contentment Families is all about.

5. Click the Sign Up Button.

6. Enter the License Code Received in your Email Invitation email and press continue. See Step #1 as a reference.

7. Enter your First Name, Last Name and a Password.
Note: The email for your primary license will be prefilled and will not be allowed to edit.

8. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) received in your email inbox and click the Continue Button.

9. Welcome to Contentment Families App!

Want to invite family members to the Contentment Families App? Each person receives 1 Primary License and 3 Sub-Licenses for loved ones. Check out the article below to find out how to invite your family members to the App.

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