As a Four Pillars Administrator, you can invite members of your organization or school to the Contentment Families App if your school has signed up to receive access to the App.

To invite members as an Admin, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the heart in the top right corner on your Admin Dashboard. This is the icon for the Families Dashboard!

2. Enter the Email and Password that you used for the Contentment Families App.

3. Click on Invite Members.

4. Add Emails or Upload CSV.

Don't forget to invite yourself so that you also have access to the Families App!

Note: Invited members will receive an Email Invitation with a license code. They can follow the steps in this article, Sign Up to Contentment Families as a Member, to activate their account.

If members have access to both the School Platform and Families App, they should be reminded that these are two different platforms and thus the credentials may differ. This will depend on the username and password that the member selects during sign up of each platform.

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