Once you've signed up your school, you can easily invite your Four Pillars Administrator to the School Platform to kick off your Rollout.

Typically, this invitation is sent from the School Leader or the individual who created the account on the School Platform.

Who is your Four Pillars Administrator?

The Four Pillars Administrator is a very important role in your Four Pillars Rollout. This person holds the highest viewpoint of the entire rollout process and acts as the main connecting point between your school’s Wellness Team, leadership and the Contentment Foundation.

This person is typically selected because they demonstrate the most excitement about the Four Pillars and they have a natural ability to get others excited about wellbeing. This role also includes serving as the administrator of the online School Platform, which will include some technological knowledge.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Click on Invite Four Pillars Administrator Button on your Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Enter the email and send invitation.

Note: After completing this process, you will see the screen in Step 1 until the Four Pillars Administrator has accepted the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted, you will be see the same screen as the Four Pillars Admin, revealing a button to Create a Group. Your Rollout Representative will walk them through that process!

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